The Pet Tap

The Pet Tap offers an innovative solution to a common problem faced by pet owners: the fear of losing their beloved pets. Their Smart Pet ID Tags for Dogs and Cats integrate the latest technology to ensure pets can be easily located and returned home safely. These high-quality, diecast smart tags are designed not just as stylish accessories but as essential tools for pet safety, with availability across the UK, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bulgaria.

To bolster The Pet Tap’s digital presence, illustrating the practical benefits and technological advancements of their Smart Pet ID Tags through dynamic content creation.

InLoop Creative developed a comprehensive content strategy to effectively communicate the value and functionality of The Pet Tap’s smart tags.

How-to Videos: Instructional videos were produced to detail the registration and usage process of the Smart Pet ID Tags, simplifying the technology for users and demonstrating the ease of use and the peace of mind provided to pet owners.

Short-Form Content: Engaging short-form content was created to highlight the product’s benefits, emphasizing how The Pet Tap’s tags ensure pet safety and security, a crucial selling point for pet owners across the UK, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bulgaria.

Product Photography for Online Store: We executed high-quality product photography to elevate The Pet Tap’s online store, showcasing the tags’ quality and design to appeal to pet owners looking for reliable safety solutions.

Social Media Photography: A series of photographs for social media use were shot, aimed at engaging The Pet Tap’s audience by showcasing the smart tags in real-life scenarios, highlighting their practicality and stylish design.

This targeted content creation campaign significantly boosted engagement and visibility for The Pet Tap. The instructional videos enhanced customer understanding and usage of the smart tags, while the short-form content effectively conveyed the product’s unique benefits, leading to increased interest.

The professional product photography not only improved the online store’s visual appeal but also drove an increase in online sales. Moreover, the social media photographs enhanced community engagement, with a notable rise in interactions from pet owners across the covered countries, appreciating the smart tags’ blend of safety and style.


Belgrade, Serbia


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