Leon Anatomic Footwear

Objective: To enhance the online presence of Leon Anatomic Footwear by conducting a comprehensive photoshoot for their website, focusing on product photography for the online store and social media platforms. Additionally, Inloop Creative was tasked with producing a short commercial featuring a professional chef, highlighting the benefits of the footwear.

Approach: Inloop Creative aimed to showcase the unique features and design of Leon Anatomic Footwear, emphasizing the comfort and support they provide, especially for professionals who spend long hours on their feet. The project involved two main components: high-quality product photography and a compelling commercial production.

Execution: The campaign unfolded in the following stages:

  • Product Photography:
    • Conducted a detailed photoshoot capturing the footwear from various angles and settings to highlight their design and ergonomic features.
    • Ensured that the images were of high quality and suitable for use on the online store, providing customers with a clear and accurate view of the products.
    • Created visually appealing content tailored for social media, designed to engage the brand’s audience and drive traffic to the website.
  • Commercial Production:
    • Collaborated with a professional chef to develop a narrative that showcased the practical benefits of Leon Anatomic Footwear in a professional kitchen environment.
    • Focused on the chef’s testimonial about the footwear’s comfort, durability, and design, offering potential customers real-world insights into the product’s value.
    • Produced a short, engaging commercial intended for distribution across various marketing channels, including the brand’s website and social media platforms.

Outcome: The product photography significantly enhanced the visual appeal of Leon Anatomic Footwear’s online store, leading to improved customer engagement and increased online sales. The commercial, featuring the professional chef’s endorsement, effectively communicated the functional benefits of the footwear, resonating with the target audience and further boosting brand visibility and appeal.


Belgrade, Serbia


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