MyRotiPlace emerged from the vision to redefine the Roti dining experience in Toronto, emphasizing freshness, customization, and the rich flavors of Indian cuisine. With a foundation deeply rooted in the food and beverage industry, the team behind MyRotiPlace identified a gap in the market for high-quality, customizable Roti offerings and set out to fill it.

To support MyRotiPlace in establishing a distinctive brand identity and facilitate its expansion across Ontario through comprehensive branding, marketing, and design strategies.

InLoop Creative’s approach was multifaceted, focusing on creating a cohesive brand experience both online and in-store:

  • Branding & Graphic Design: We crafted a vibrant brand identity that communicated the freshness and customizability of the Roti experience.
  • Website Design: Our team developed an engaging, easy-to-navigate website that highlighted the unique value proposition of MyRotiPlace.
  • Social Media & Content Creation: Implemented a dynamic social media strategy, including short-form videos and professional photography, to showcase the diverse menu and engage the target audience.
  • Interior Design: Custom-designed interiors for each franchise location ensured a welcoming and visually cohesive dining environment.

This strategic branding and marketing initiative enabled MyRotiPlace to successfully launch 25 locations throughout Ontario, significantly increasing brand visibility, customer engagement, and sales. The brand has become a favorite among Roti enthusiasts, recognized for its quality and personalized dining experience.


Toronto, Canada


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