Background: VideoBox introduced Serbia’s first video albums, VideoBox and BabyBox, aiming to revolutionize the way memories are cherished. The challenge was to not only market a new product but also to introduce a novel concept to the Serbian market.

Objective: Create a compelling digital presence that showcases the uniqueness of VideoBox and BabyBox, driving brand awareness and engagement in a new product category.

Strategy: InLoop Creative developed a strategic content campaign, producing 20 short-form videos and conducting product photography for the website and social media. The focus was on storytelling, highlighting the emotional and practical value of these video albums.


  • Short-Form Videos: In our short-form video campaign for VideoBox and BabyBox, we concentrated on illustrating the products’ role in enriching family connections and commemorating life’s significant events. This approach aimed to forge a strong emotional bond with our audience, demonstrating the video albums’ capacity to capture and preserve the essence of family milestones and celebrations, thereby highlighting their value in bringing people closer.
  • Product Photography: For the product photography segment of the VideoBox and BabyBox campaign, our focus was on capturing the social aspect and emotional appeal of the video albums. We staged photo shoots with models representing a diverse range of families, parents, and grandparents to showcase the products in real-life scenarios. These images were designed to resonate with potential customers by portraying relatable moments of joy and connection, emphasizing how VideoBox and BabyBox can enhance these experiences.

Results: The campaign significantly increased VideoBox’s online engagement and brand awareness. The videos led to a 35% rise in social media engagement and a 25% increase in website traffic. Enhanced product photography contributed to a 20% growth in online sales, marking a successful introduction of video albums in Serbia.


Belgrade, Serbia




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