The Money Team

The Money Team, prominently featuring Ronald Gavril, embarked on a mission to redefine their social media presence. Tasked with this challenge, I was entrusted to infuse their feeds with a blend of striking photos and videos, aiming to amplify their digital footprint and solidify their brand across social media landscapes. Our targeted strategy sought to captivate audiences passionate about sports and athletics.

Our primary objective was to elevate The Money Team’s online persona, translating into increased event ticket sales, pay-per-view (PPV) revenue, and media presence. By producing high-quality, engaging content, we aimed to spotlight The Money Team and Ronald Gavril, enhancing their marketability and appeal.

Our comprehensive strategy included:

  • Branding & Graphic Design: Crafting a renewed brand identity that resonated with the team’s dynamic ethos and broadened their appeal.
  • Social Media Management: Taking the helm of their social media platforms to produce content that engaged and expanded their audience reach.
  • Content Creation: Developing a series of captivating photos and videos to showcase The Money Team’s prowess and Ronald Gavril’s role within.
  • Media Engagement: Leveraging the content to secure features in prominent publications and television networks, boosting visibility and recognition.

The transformation involved a meticulous blend of strategic planning and creative execution. From revitalizing the brand identity to engaging with audiences through compelling social media content, every action was aligned with the goal of magnifying The Money Team’s presence in the digital and physical realms.

The campaign directly contributed to a noticeable uptick in event ticket sales and PPV revenue, marking a significant milestone in The Money Team’s career. Furthermore, the content we generated captured the attention of esteemed media outlets, earning features that propelled The Money Team and Ronald Gavril into the spotlight.


Las Vegas, USA


The Money Team & Ronald Gavril


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